Nation Info
Owner: Vandusk (Season 1)

icky (Season 2 - 3) CaptinFranko (Season 3) Briere (Season 4 - 5)

Drivers: Stephan Heart (Season 1)

Ben Johnson (Season 2 - 3) Chris Copeman (Season 3) Mathieu Brière (Season 4 - 5)

Active Seasons: Season 1 - Season 5
First GP: Surfer's Paradise, Season 1
Last GP: Portimao, Season 5
Season 1: 22th - 1 pts
Season 2: 17th - 23 pts
Season 3: 21th - 18 pts
Season 4: 4th - 60 pts
Season 5: 14th - 39 pts
Starts Wins Poles F.Laps Podiums Points
80 2 2 2 3 141
First Win: Vallelunga, Season 4
Last Win: Imola, Season 4

Canada participated in 5 seasons of the GPG-NC, and is one of the founders of the series.

Canada is one of the few teams to have competed on all seasons of the GPGNC.

Season 1


The Canadian car used at season 1

Canada was one of the twenty-two teams competing on the season 1 of the GPGNC, driver Stephan Heart was the worst driver of the season, scoring only 1 point, and finishing last at the championship.

Canada then bought the former Madagascar team, that have finished at second during season 1.

Season 2


The Canadian car used at season 2

With Ben Johnson becoming the driver of the season 2, the team was able to score 23 points, finishing only at 17th.

Season 3


The Canadian car used at season 3

Johnson and Canada returned for the season 3, but after just four races the team was ceased due to the lack of results.

But after the round 6, the team was resurrected by Chris Copeman, and he finished the season, scoring 18 points.

After the season finished though, Copeman left, and the team was bought by Mathieu Briere.

Season 4


The Canadian car used at season 4

Mathieu Briere became the driver and boss of the team for the season 4. The season was very good for them, as Briere was able to win 2 races, and finished the championship in 4th, with amazing 60 points.

Season 5


The Canadian car used at season 5

Briere now considered one of the best of the league is looking for some good results.

The team ended is participation in the series after the Portuguese race, with 39 points,a podium and the 15th place by the end of the season.

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